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23 December 2007 @ 08:20 pm
Paucis verbis
{a few words}

» friendslocked

I recently made this journal friends only, for the simple reason that I like to know who's reading what I write. I don't take myself too seriously though, and new people are love, so just drop me a comment when you add me and I'll most likely add you back. One tiny thing: please make sure we've got at least something in common. Much as I appreciate other people's tastes, if something doesn't work, it doesn't work. Check out my little profile below and see for yourself whether you think we'd get along.

» about yours truly

My name is Sophie, I'm 18 and I live in Belgium, where it's been raining for the past millennium. After six years of Latin/Modern Languages at grammar school, I've decided to continue in that direction by studying English and Spanish at the University of Ghent.

I love to read. The only thing I don't like about good books is how I always feel sorry when I've finished them. I like to think of my music taste as quite varied; I'll listen to anything and everything, as long as it's worth listening to. My favourites go from Queen to David Bowie to The Beatles to Dire Straits, with some Led Zeppelin and The Who along the way, but I'll just as happily listen to Tchaikovsky. I'm a great fan of anything Walt Disney. The only series I really actively watch are House, M.D. and Desperate Housewives. Furthermore I'm interested in anything to do with art; J.W. Waterhouse and Caravaggio are two of my favourite painters. I'm finally starting to understand the workings of Photoshop, and you can check out the results over at my graphics community, deciduous_trees.

I love shopping and I spend way too much money on clothes, which is the reason why I'm broke all the time. Queen drummer Roger Taylor is the man of my dreams and if I'd been born 40 years earlier, I would have overwhelmed him with my natural charm and overall charisma, and he would've married me. As it is, I'll just have to wait until my very own divine blond musician comes along.

Until that day, livejournal remains the love of my life.

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31 July 2007 @ 03:34 pm
Experto crediteCollapse )
: excited
: Elton John - Daniel